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Just Imagine's connection to the World of Child Actors

Posted by Donna Dobo on

One of best things about being in the costume biz for 28 years years is all the fabulous people you meet. 20 years ago we bumped into Carole Tarlington, who was at the time the world's leading Talent Agent for Children, a legend in the Film and TV business.  

Carole discovered, nurtured and trained many famous young people.  She literally wrote the book on preparing children for their acting career.  "So you Wanna be an Actor" is considered the ultimate training manual for families dipping their toes in this turbulent world. 

Several years ago, Just Imagine was producing a vocal competition for kids and we needed judges.  Carole cheerfully volunteered to bring her expertise to "Broadway Idol".

Carole moved full time into educating children, launching Tarlington Training in 1995. Now there are campuses in Vancouver, Surrey and Maple Ridge.  Recently Tarlington was looking for office space for her expanding business. Just Imagine invited them to set up Tarlington HQ in our warehouse in Mt Pleasant. 

Her General Manager, Peter Grasso, has many film, stage and television credits. He runs Carole's acting empire, somehow getting the work done between spontaneous entertaining improv performances. 

It's a match made in heaven...costumes and kids.  2016 is off to a great start.  And if you know a kid who's hoping to break into the acting business, contact Carole, because the right training matters. 

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Sargeant Edward, the 4 year old RCMP fan.

Visitors from Australia did a bit of Christmas shopping at our Kids Market shop, and the next thing you know their 4 year old son, Edward, is on television!  Mike McCardell was asking folks about their favourite Christmas gift and meets young Sargeant Edward all dressed in scarlet.  The Mountie costume from Just Imagine has [...]

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Global TV explores Kitsilano, asks why we're moving

We enjoyed a visit with Randene Neill, Global TV reporter.  On our last day in Kitsilano, as we moved the last boxes of tap shoes to the new Mt Pleasant shop, she explored the changing retail landscape. Foot traffic is down as families and independent retailers are migrating east in Vancouver. Developers are upscaling commercial [...]

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Controversial Costumes on CBC TV Newsnet

I enjoyed a visit with CBC TV, to chat with Newsnet Anchor Chris Brown.  Just what is a controversial costume, and when does it cross the line to downright offensive?

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Gender based costumes are just wrong.

We have followed the recent social media uproar over one of the major costume chain's treatment of children on their web site. With seven stores across Canada, and many more in the States and Puerto Rico, Party City is a huge company.We are so proud to say Just Imagine has never stereotyped kids' costumes by gender. [...]

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Live Theatre Costumes Interpret 1937 Fashion

If you love costumes, you have probably enjoyed a few live stage theatre productions. You have your favourites, maybe it's the music, the choreography or the staging that made it special, but the costumes make you remember the performances.  The costume designer makes the magic happen.  Here's how. 1937 designs from "On the 20th Century".

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The Rio Theatre, not just for movies

Just Imagine is excited to be on the big screen now, celebrating 26 years in the costume biz with this 15 second event.Local single screen movie theatres like Vancouver's Rio have embraced change, and fought to preserve culture and community.  Near and dear to our heart, you get a discount at the door if you're [...]

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New Tang Dynasty TV pays tribute to Just Imagine's Costume Drive

NTD TV came to Just Imagine the day before Halloween and had a fashion show.  But when they found out about our Costume Drive they congratulated us for being environmental and helping the community.  They are the biggest Chinese language TV network outside of China, based in New York.  Special thanks to Video Journalist Nancy [...]

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Costume Drive

It's really great being a year round costume shop (since 1988!) so we can get involved in projects that help our community.  This time of year, it's the 4th annual Costume Drive.   Our favourite Vancouver Sun reporter, Daphne Bramham, helped us out last year by sharing our story.Last year we delivered a lot of donated costumes to [...]

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Makeup makes the costume

These make-up effects were created at our shop in about half an hour. There are no special skills required, but a sense of humour helps, and a strong stomach for blood.   Just Imagine stocks latex, paints, and many types of very realistic fake blood.   You can also apply instant wounds made of silicone, then all [...]

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