SFX and Prosthetics

  • Glow in the Dark Fangs

    Scarecrow Vampire Fangs

    Glow in the Dark Fangs

    Scarecrow's Classic Glow in the Dark Fangs are ideal for people with average to large teeth and fit canines, incisors, or bottom teeth. Everything you need for a comfortable customizable fit is included. Full instructions are included with the product...

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  • Small Sexy Vampire Fangs


    Small Sexy Vampire Fangs

    Small sexy fangs that are perfect for any vampire or demon costume! Made of safe thermoplastic, and comes with materials to create a partial mold, allowing for easy wear! Easy to talk and drink with. Reusable as well!

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  • Latex Elf Ears

    Tinsley Transfers

    Latex Elf Ears

    Peach tone latex elf ears to be applied with with makeup adhesive. Spirit gum or liquid latex recommended.

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  • Woochie Bald Cap


    Bald Cap

    Latex bald cap in beige, by Cinema Secret's Woochie line. Professional grade, has instruction inside. Purchase spirit gum adhesive separately.  Not for people with allergy to latex.

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  • Slime - 70 grams

    Bleeding Art Industries

    Slime 70 g

    Special effects Slime from Bleeding Art Industries is a water based stretchy slime. Can be thinned with water and coloured with water based food colouring or Bleeding Art blood. Do not ingest.

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