EVA Foam

  • Grey Craft Foam

    Lumin's Workshop

    Grey Craft Foam

    Lumin's Workshop craft foam sheets measure 70cm x 50cm and are 2mm. This foam is super soft and lightweight and is a perfect base for thermoplastics or embossing!

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  • Foam Clay 150g

    Lumin's Workshop

    Foam Clay 150g

    Lumin's foam clay starts as a soft, moldable putty, and air dries into a solid EVA foam piece! Perfect for making lightweight but durable cosplay props and embellishments, attaching EVA foam pieces together, filling seam gaps, or for using your...

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  • Econo EVA Foam 5mm Black

    Lumin's Workshop

    Econo EVA Foam 5mm Black

    Lumin's Econo EVA foam is a good quality lightweight foam made of 30% recycled material! Sheet is 1m x 1m and is 5mm thick. Sheet is smooth on both sides. Shore hardness 38, density 85kg/m3.   Because of it's size, it is expensive to ship...

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